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! In the main cases we only repair displays with pixelerrors or with pixelfailures !


The repairprocedure:


- After recieving your display, you will be noticed about the arrival.
- If it can be repaired and after a minimum 12 hour functiontest you will recieve your Invoice via e-mail including your total and the payment information for German wiretransfer.
- After recieving your payment your display will be sent to you immediately without further costs (Carrier: GLS or DHL).


Advantage of a repair:


We guarantee that you will get exactly your display back. Looking at MID?s this is a great advantage because normally Opel has to
recalibrate and reconfigure a new MID to your car before it can be used. This is not a free service and makes your costs go up again.


The prices within Germany incl. the shipping back to you:


EXEPT the Islands !!! -> Islandbonus + 13,60 €

Prices for displayrepairs
Colorinfodisplay (CID*) 160 € inkl Mwst
Multiinfodisplay (MID*) 120 € inkl Mwst
Tripleinfodisplay (TID*) 40 € inkl Mwst

Prices for other repairs
Pump ECU 1,7l Diesel (Y17DT) 200 € inkl Mwst
climate control 25 € inkl Mwst
ventilationcontroller (auto-aircondition) 43 € inkl Mwst
lightcolorchange for speedometers, controls and MID/TID price on applicatione


for shipping outside of Germany the following shppingbonus will be billed:

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Austria + 12,30 €
France, Italy, United-Kingdom + 15,00 €
Ireland, Finnland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden + 17,60 €
Poland, Czechia, Hungaria, Slowakia, Slovenia + 18,60 €
payment options:


Payment in advance


by Bank Transfer


by Cash on delivery (additional 5 Euro for cash on delivery !!!)


by Paypal




It is very important that your display has not yet been opened and that no other repair has been tried yet.
Here some indications that show that your display has already been opened or that it has malfunctions that can not be repaired.


original closingstraps are broken.




unprofessional try of opening the case





Fraction of the liquid crystal display


in this case a repair is not possible.

(*) some definitions

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