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some definitions

DID = DualInfoDisplay

only shows date, time and the radioinformation.

TID = TripleInfoDisplay

shows date, time, radioinformation and the ext. temperature.

MID = MultiInfoDisplay

a MID hast got the following functions:
- date/time
- ext. temperature
- radio information
- range
- average consumption (Liter per 100km)
- current consumption
- avarage speed
- stopwatch

GID = GrafikInfoDisplay

same functions like a MID, but with a more detailed resolution and
the option of connecting a GPS-navigation-system.

CID = ColorInfoDisplay

identic to the GID, but in color.

LCD = Liquid Cristal Display

this is the seen gage element of the displays.
they are made out of two thin glasplates with a special liquid in and between that can be changed from dark to light under usage of a electric power.
if air gets within the glas plates the function is affected. In this case the LCD is broken and can not be repaired.

LED = Light Emitting Diode

an LED is made out of a Silicon pellet in the inside, that emitts light if electric power is given.
The main advantage compared to a conventional bulb is that LEDs do not heat up.
The main disadvantage is that the angle in which the light spreads is very tight and not as wide spreading as a regular bulb with almost 360 degrees.

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